Set AllIdentifiers


The predefined set AllIdentifiers contains the names of all identifiers declared within an AIMMS model.

Set AllIdentifiers {
    SubsetOf   :  AllSymbols;
    Index      :  IndexIdentifiers, SecondIndexIdentifiers;


The contents of the set AllIdentifiers is the collection of all identifier and section names declared within a particular model.


The contents of the set can only be modified by adding or deleting identifiers in the Model Explorer.


Subsets of AllIdentifiers are occassionally used in READ, WRITE or DISPLAY statements to indicate the set of identifiers to be read or written, as well as in data control statements such as EMPTY and CLEANUP. It also serves as the root set of the other (typed) identifier sets, which can be used throughout an AIMMS project.

See also

The set AllSymbols. Data control statements are discussed in Section 25.3, the READ and WRITE statements in Section 26.2, and the DISPLAY statement in Section 31.3 of the Language Reference. Working with the set AllIdentifiers is described in more detail in Section 25.4.