Function GetDataSourceProperty(Datasource, Property)


With the function GetDataSourceProperty you can retrieve some meta-data about a datasource. This is useful, when you don’t know beforehand what kind of datasource will be linked with your AIMMS project. It allows you to provide datasource-specific SQL Queries in your project, which you can then call based upon what datasource is actually linked to your project. For example, you can determine with this function that the actual datasource is an Oracle database, and then execute some Oracle-specific SQL Queries.

     Datasource,          ! (input) a string expression
     Property,            ! (input) an element in the set



A string containing the name of a data source.


An element parameter in the set AllDataSourceProperties.

Return Value

The function returns a string with the requested datasource property in it.


The actual string which is returned depends on the datasource used. As an example of the datasource dependency of the function: retrieving the property SQL_DATA_SOURCE_NAME may return "null" for a MySQL ODBC datasource, while it returns the actual name of your datasource when you retrieve it for an Oracle database. This means that you should experiment with the return values a bit, to make sure that you understand what values to expect for your specific datasource(s).