The mathematical program suffix .CallbackTime contains the name of the AIMMS procedure to be called after a certain number of seconds have elapsed.


The value of the .CallbackTime suffix is an element in the set of AllProcedures and the default is the empty element ''.


  • See also Suffices and Callbacks of the Language Reference.

  • The CallbackTime callback procedure is supported by CPLEX, GUROBI, CBC, XA, CP OPTIMIZER, CONOPT, KNITRO, SNOPT and IPOPT.

  • The number of (elapsed) seconds is determined by the general solvers option Progress Time Interval. This option also specifies the interval for updating the Progress Window during a solve. As a consequence, the information passed to this callback procedure will be the same as the information displayed in the Progress Window (except for small differences for the solving time).

  • The time callback will be called less often if CPLEX uses dynamic search as the MIP Search Strategy instead of branch-and-cut. In that case the interval between two successive calls might sometimes be larger than the interval as specified by the option Progress Time Interval.