Set CaseFileURL


The string parameter CaseFileURL holds the url (i.e. the full path name) of the file that corresponds to each element in AllCases.

StringParameter CaseFileURL {
    IndexDomain  :  AllCases;


The contents of the set AllCases is the collection of (integer) references to all case files that have been loaded or saved during a specific session of your AIMMS project. The string parameter CaseFileURL helps you to get the location of each of these cases.


The contents of the set AllCases as well as their corresponding values in CaseFileURL are maintained by AIMMS itself and cannot be modified directly. They are modified when you load or save cases, or through the function CaseFileURLtoElement.


  • This predeclared identifier is only relevant if the project option Data_Management_style is set to Disk_files_and_folders.

  • The integer case references stored in the set AllCases are only guaranteed to be unique within a single AIMMS session.

See also

The set AllCases and the function CaseFileURLtoElement.