Mathematical Program Suffices

AIMMS mathematical programs support the following four collections of suffices. The first group of suffices steers the solution process. These suffices are specified in the model before the solve statement and are used during the solution process.

The second group of suffixes contain information obtained during and at the end of the solution process. these suffixes can be accessed after the solve statement.

The third group of suffixes control which AIMMS procedure should be called during the solution process and whether this calling should take place.

The fourth group of suffixes are obsolete ones. They are only retained in order not to invalidate converted AIMMS 2 and GAMS models.

  • .solveopt

  • .prioropt

  • .scaleopt

  • .optfile

  • .solprint

  • .sysout

  • .numnlins

  • .numnlnz

  • .domusd

  • .nodusd

  • .integer1

  • .integer2

  • .integer3

  • .integer4

  • .integer5

  • .real1

  • .real2

  • .real3

  • .real4

  • .real5

  • .line

  • .limcol