Procedure PageSetCursor(page, tag, scalar\_reference)


With the procedure PageSetCursor you have maximum control over where you want to set the current keyboard input focus. Similar to PageSetFocus you can specify which page object should get the focus, but additionally you can specify the data element that should be highlighted within the focus object.

        page              ! (input) scalar string expression
        tag,              ! (input) scalar string expression
        scalar_reference, ! (input) scalar identifier



A string expression representing the name of the page in which you want to set the input focus.


A string expression representing the tag name of the object that should get the keyboard input focus.


A scalar data element that matches the element that you want to highlight within the object.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 on success. If it fails, then it returns 0 and the pre-defined identifier CurrentErrorMessage will contain a proper error message.


If you are displaying a variable Transport in a table with tag “TransportTable” on page “Results”, then you can set the focus and cursor to a specific cell in this table using the following procedure call:

PageSetCursor("Results", "TransportTable", Transport('Amsterdam','Rotterdam'));


You can specify a unique tag name for each page object via the object properties.

See also

The procedure PageSetFocus.