Function PeriodToString(Format, Timetable, Period)


With the function PeriodToString you can obtain a description of a period in a timetable that consists of multiple calendar slots.

     Format,              ! (input) a string expression
     Timetable,           ! (input) an AIMMS time table
     Period               ! (input) an element in a horizon



A string that holds the date and time format used in the returned string. This format string can contain period specific conversion specifiers to generate a description referring to both the beginning and end of the period, see Format of Time Slots and Periods


An indexed set in a calendar and defined over a horizon.


An element in the horizon that is defined by Timetable.

Return Value

The result of PeriodToString is a string describing the corresponding moment according to Format.

See also

The procedure CreateTimeTable.