Function DialogProgress(message[, percentage])


The procedure DialogProgress displays a small dialog box containing a specified message and a progress bar that can indicate how much of a specific task has already been processed. This dialog box will not halt the execution, and you can call the procedure sequentially during a timely task to change either the displayed message or the length of the progress bar.

        message,         ! (input) string expression
        [percentage]     ! (optional) integer expression



A scalar string expression containing the text you want to display in the dialog box.

percentage (optional)

A scalar value between 0 and 100. It is used to set the length of the progress bar at the bottom of the dialog box. If this argument is omitted then the progress bar is not displayed.


The progress dialog box does not adjust the length of the progress bar itself, so you must do it yourself by sequentially calling the procedure with an increasing percentage. The progress dialog box is automatically removed from the screen if the execution terminates. If you want to remove the dialog box yourself, then you should call DialogProgress with an empty message string: DialogProgress("").

See also

The procedures DialogMessage, DialogError, DialogAsk.