Function GMP::Solution::IsPrimalDegenerated(GMP, solution)


The function GMP::Solution::IsPrimalDegenerated checks whether the solution for a generated mathematical program, with model type LP, RMIP or QP, is primal degenerated.

     GMP,            ! (input) a generated mathematical program
     solution        ! (input) a solution



An element in the set AllGeneratedMathematicalPrograms.


An integer scalar reference to a solution.

Return Value

The function returns 1 if the solution is primal degenerated, and 0 otherwise.


  • A solution is primal degenerated if a basic variable is at a bound, or if a non-equality constraint is basic and at a bound. In that case the dual solution is not unique.

  • This function will always return 0 if the barrier algorithm (without crossover) of CPLEX was used to solve the problem because the barrier algorithm (without crossover) of CPLEX does not provide a basic solution.