Procedure FileView(filename[, find][, encoding])


The procedure FileView opens a specific file in the internal AIMMS text file viewer. Optionally, you can highlight a specific piece of text within the file.

        filename,     ! (input) scalar string expression
        find,         ! (optional) scalar string expression
        encoding      ! (optional) scalar element expression



A scalar string expression representing the file name that you want to edit.

find (optional)

A scalar string expression that is used to position the cursor over a specific piece of text in the file. If this argument is omitted (or if the specified text cannot be found), then the cursor will be positioned at the top of the file.

encoding (optional)

A scalar element expression that results in an element of AllCharacterEncodings. If this argument is not specified, the value of the option default_input_character_encoding is used.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 on success, and 0 if it could not open the file in the viewer.


If you want to use another external text editor to view a specific file, then you can use the procedure Execute.

See also

The procedures FileEdit, Execute.