Function ExitAimms([interactive])


With the procedure ExitAimms you can exit the current AIMMS session from within a procedure.

         [interactive]       ! (optional) 0 or 1


interactive (optional)

This optional argument is still present for compatibility, but does no longer have any effect. You should use MainTermination to specify whether or not AIMMS should display a confirmation dialog box before closing the current project.


The procedure does not immediately exit AIMMS, but it will try to exit as soon as the execution of the current procedure has finished. If existing, the logoff procedure and the procedure MainTermination will be executed as normal.
Please note that calling the pre-definded function ExitAimms() from within WebUI (for example, as part of an action behind a button widget) is currently not supported and will result in an error. In fact, calling ExitAimms() only works for the main AIMMS thread itself and not for any of the other AIMMS contexts (of which WebUI is just one example). Exiting only from the underlying AIMMS session itself is not deemed as a proper behavior for an application with Web-based User Interface.