Procedure DataImport220(filename)


With the procedure DataImport220 you can load a separate AIMMS case file, such as the case files that were created with AIMMS 2.20. After importing a case file using this procedure you can save the data as a new case node in the Data Management tree.

        filename       ! (input/output) a string parameter



A string parameter, that on return will contain the name of the file that the user selected for importing.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 on success. If the user canceled the operation, then the procedure returns 0. If any other error occurs then the procedure returns \(-1\) and CurrentErrorMessage will contain a proper error message.


  • This procedure is only applicable if the project option Data_Management_style is set to Single_Data_Manager_file.

  • This procedure is especially useful for converting old cases to the new AIMMS.

See also

The procedure CaseSaveAs.