Set AllUpdatableIdentifiers


The predefined set AllUpdatableIdentifiers contains the names of the identifiers that are, in principle, updatable.

Set AllUpdatableIdentifiers {
    SubsetOf     :  AllIdentifiers;
    Index        :  IndexUpdatableIdentifiers;
    InitialData  :  {
        ( AllSets - AllDefinedSets ) +
        ( AllParameters - AllDefinedParameters )


The set AllUpdatableIdentifiers contains the names of the model identifiers that are, in principle, considered updatable by AIMMS.


The contents of AllUpdatableIdentifiers can be modified programmatically from within an AIMMS model. The set cannot be updated from within the end-user interface.


  • The set AllUpdatableIdentifiers determines which identifiers are updatable in principle. Which identifiers in AllUpdatableIdentifiers can actually be modified within the graphical end-user interface is determined by the set CurrentInputs.

  • By default, variables are considered not updatable by AIMMS. If you want to allow your end-users to update some or all variables from within the end-user interface, you can accomplish this by adding these variables to both the sets AllUpdatableIdentifiers and CurrentInputs.

See also

The sets AllIdentifiers, CurrentInputs.