Function GarbageCollectStrings


The procedure GarbageCollectStrings removes any unused strings in the internal data structures of AIMMS. If you do not call this procedure explicitly, AIMMS performs an automatic garbage collect at certain places during execution. For example as part of the Empty statement when recently a lot of string valued expressions have been executed.



Use this procedure only when you notice that AIMMS uses a lot of memory that might be related to having many strings in the model. It is a rather expensive procedure in terms of execution time, because it needs to enumerate all the individual entries of all string parameters in the model. After runnig it you might see a drop in the memory that is in use by AIMMS, but be aware that because of the internal memory model of AIMMS, some memory is not given back to the operating system directly, but has only been marked for re-use in subsequent memory requests.