Function GMP::Coefficient::GetQuadratic(GMP, column1, column2)


The function GMP::Coefficient::GetQuadratic retrieves the value of a quadratic product between two columns in a generated mathematical program.

     GMP,            ! (input) a generated mathematical program
     column1,        ! (input) a scalar reference or column number
     column2         ! (input) a scalar reference or column number



An element in AllGeneratedMathematicalPrograms.


A scalar reference to an existing column in the model or the number of that column in the range \(\{ 0 .. n-1 \}\) where \(n\) is the number of columns in the matrix.

Return Value

The value of the specified quadratic term in the generated mathematical program.


  • If column1 equals column2 then AIMMS multiplies the quadratic coefficient by 2 before it is returned by this function.

  • This function operates on the objective. To get a quadratic coefficient in a row the function GMP::QuadraticCoefficient::Get should be used.