Function GMP::SolverSession::CreateProgressCategory(solverSession, Name, Size)


The function GMP::SolverSession::CreateProgressCategory creates a new progress category for a solver session. This progress category can be used to display solver (session) related information in the Progress Window.

There are three levels of progress categories for solver information. By default all solver progress will be displayed in the general AIMMS progress category for solver progress. If a progress category was created for the GMP with procedure GMP::Instance::CreateProgressCategory, then all solver progress related to that GMP will by default be displayed in the solver progress category of the GMP. For displaying solver session progress in a separated category the function GMP::SolverSession::CreateProgressCategory can be used.
     solverSession,    ! (input) a solver session
     [Name],           ! (optional) a string expression
     [Size]            ! (optional) an integer expession



An element in the set AllSolverSessions.


A string that holds the name of the progress category.


The number of lines in the progress category. The default is 0 meaning that the size of the progress window will be automatically adjusted to the number of progress lines used by the solver.

Return Value

The function returns an element in the set AllProgressCategories.