Set AllGeneratedMathematicalPrograms


The predefined set AllGeneratedMathematicalPrograms contains the names of all generated mathematical programs associated with the symbolic mathematical programs in an AIMMS model.

Set AllGeneratedMathematicalPrograms {
    Index       :  IndexGeneratedMathematicalPrograms;
    Parameter   :  CurrentGeneratedMathematicalProgram;


  • The contents of the set AllGeneratedMathematicalPrograms is the collection of all generated mathematical programs associated with symbolic mathematical programs in your model, and generated through the SOLVE statement, or the functions GMP::Instance::Generate and GMP::Instance::CreateDual.

  • The element parameter CurrentGeneratedMathematicalProgram refers to the currently active generated mathematical program instance.


The contents of the set can only be modified through the SOLVE statement, and the functions GMP::Instance::Generate, GMP::Instance::Copy, GMP::Instance::Rename, GMP::Instance::Delete and GMP::Instance::CreateDual.