Procedure CreateTimeTable(Timetable, CurrentTimeslot, CurrentPeriod, PeriodLength, LengthDominates, InactiveTimeSlots, DelimiterSlots)


With the procedure CreateTimeTable you can create a timetable in AIMMS.

     Timetable,             ! (output) an indexed set
     CurrentTimeslot,       ! (input) an element in a calendar
     CurrentPeriod,         ! (input) an element in a horizon
     PeriodLength,          ! (input) one-dimensional integer parameter
     LengthDominates,       ! (input) one-dimensional binary parameter
     InactiveTimeSlots,     ! (input) a subset of a calendar
     DelimiterSlots         ! (input) a subset of a calendar



An indexed set in a calendar and defined over the horizon to be linked to the calendar. This argument implicitly sets the calendar and horizon used for the creation of the timetable. The other arguments of the procedure should match with this calendar and horizon.


An element of a calendar (a time slot) that should be aligned with the CurrentPeriod in the horizon.


An element of a horizon (a period) that should be aligned with the timeslot in the calendar.


A one-dimensional integer parameter, specifying the desired length of each period in the horizon in terms of the number of time slots to be contained in it.


A one-dimensional binary parameter, indicating whether reaching the specified PeriodLength dominates over the presence of any delimiter slot for every period in the horizon.


A subset of the calendar, indicating the time slots that must be excluded from the timetable.


A subset of the calendar, indicating the time slots that will (usually) result in starting a new period in the horizon.

See also

The procedures Aggregate, DisAggregate. For a more detailed description of the creation of timetables, see Creating Timetables of the Language Reference.