Procedure OptionSetString(OptionName, NewString)


With the procedure OptionSetString you can set the value of a string-valued AIMMS option. You must use the values as displayed in the AIMMS Options dialog box.

     OptionName,     ! (input) scalar string expressionN
     NewString       ! (input) scalar string expression



A string expression holding the name of the option.


A scalar string expression representing the string representation of the value to be assigned to the option.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 if the value can be assigned to the option, or 0 if the name refers to a non-existent option, or the value to a non-existent option value.


  • Options for which strings are displayed in the AIMMS Options dialog box, are represented by numerical (integer) values internally. To obtain the numerical option value, or to obtain the mapping between numerical option values and the corresponding string keywords, you can use the procedures OptionGetValue and OptionGetKeywords.

  • The procedure OptionSetString can also be used to set a solver specific option by prefixing the option name by the name of the solver followed by a double colon ::, e.g., ‘CPLEX 22.1::LP method’.