Function cp::EndBeforeEnd(firstActivity, secondActivity, delay)


The function cp::EndBeforeEnd(a,b,d) returns 1 if one of the activities \(a\) and \(b\) is absent, or if the end of activity \(a\) plus a nonnegative time period \(d\) is less than or equal to the end of activity \(b\). The function cp::EndBeforeEnd(a,b,d) is equivalent to

\[\begin{split}\begin{array}{ll} a\texttt{.Present=0} & \vee \\ b\texttt{.Present=0} & \vee \\ a\texttt{.End} + d \leq b\texttt{.End} & \end{array}\end{split}\]

This function is typically used in scheduling constraints to place a sequencing restriction on activities.

        firstActivity,   ! (input) an expression
        secondActivity,  ! (input) an expression
        delay            ! (optional) an expression



An expression that results in an activity.


An expression that results in an activity.


An optional expression that results in an integer number of time slots. This expression may involve variables. The default value of this expression is 0.

Return Value

This function returns 1 if the above condition is satisfied, and 0 if it is not.

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