Procedure PageGetNext(page, nextpage, IncludeHiddenPages)


The procedure PageGetNext retrieves the name of the next page for a specific page in the Page Manager tree. The next page is the page that has the same parent page, and is positioned directly below the given page.

        page,                       ! (input) scalar string expression
        nextpage,                   ! (output) scalar string identifier
        IncludeHiddenPages  ! (optional) scalar numerical expression



A string expression containing the name of a (child) page in the Page Manager tree.


A scalar string identifier to hold the name of the next page of the given page (if it exists).


A scalar numerical expression to indicate whether hidden pages should be taken into account. If IncludeHiddenPages is set to 1 then the resulting page may be a page that is currently hidden, otherwise these hidden pages are skipped. The default is 0.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 on success, or 0 if the given page name does not exist or if the page does not have a next page.