Procedure SetElementAdd(Setname, Elempar, Newname)


With the procedure SetElementAdd you can add new elements to a set. When you apply SetElementAdd to a root set, the element will be added to that root set. When you apply it to a subset, the element will be added to the subset as well as to all its supersets, up to and including its associated root set.

     Setname,   ! (input/output) a reference to a simple set
     Elempar,   ! (output) an element parameter
     Newname    ! (input) a scalar string expression



The root set or subset to which you want to add the element.


An element parameter into Setname, that on return will point to the newly added element.


A string holding the name of the element to be added.


If the element already exists in the set, the procedure does not make any changes to the set, and on return the element parameter Elempar will point to the existing element.

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