Function TimeSlotCharacteristic(Timeslot, Characteristic, Timezone, IgnoreDST)


The function TimeSlotCharacteristic obtains a numeric value which characterizes the time slot, in terms of its day of the week, its day in the year, etc.

     Timeslot,       ! (input) an element (time-slot) in a calendar
     Characteristic, ! (input) an element in TimeslotCharacteristics
     Timezone,       ! (optional) an element in AllTimeZones, default Local.
     IgnoreDST       ! (optional) 0-1 expression, default 0.



A element refering to a time-slot in a calendar.


An element in the predefined set TimeSlotCharacteristics, each element in this set refers to a specific value that can be retrieved for a time slot.


A time zone from the predefined set AllTimeZones.


A 0-1 expression indicating whether or not to ignore daylight savings time.

Return Value

The function TimeSlotCharacteristic returns a numerical value for the requested time slot characteristic.

See also

The function TimeSlotCharacteristic is discussed in full detail in Creating Timetables of the Language Reference.