Set AllAuthorizationLevels


The predefined set AllAuthorizationLevels contains the names of all authorization levels associated with an AIMMS project.

Set AllAuthorizationLevels {
    Index      :  IndexAuthorizationLevels;


The contents of the set AllAuthorizationLevels is the collection of all authorization levels defined for a particular project through the Authorization Level Setup dialog box.


The contents of the set can only be modified through the Authorization Level Setup dialog box.


The set AllAuthorizationLevels is typically used in the index domains of parameters used in the model and graphical end-user interface to define accessibility rights for groups of users with the same authorization level. By referring to the data slice determined by the value of element parameter CurrentAuthorizationLevel, AIMMS will use the accessibility rights associated with the authorization level of the current user. The use of authorization levels in AIMMS directly is deprecated, as user authentication and authorization during deployment is now arranged via AIMMS PRO (cf. Section Project Security).