Procedure PivotTableDeleteState(statename, statesource)


With the procedure PivotTableDeleteState you can delete a specific state in either the Developer or End User state file.

            statename,  ! (input) scalar string expression
            statesource ! (input) scalar string expression



A string expression representing the name of the state to be deleted.


A string expression representing the type of state to be deleted. Possible values are:

  • DeveloperState: Delete the specified state from the developer state file.

  • UserState: Delete the specified state from the user state file.

  • Both: Delete the state from both the developer and user state file

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 on success. If it fails to delete the specified state, then the return value is 0 and CurrentErrorMessage will contain a proper error message.


  • When running in End User mode, you cannot delete states from the developer state file.

See also

  • The Pivot Table example that comes with the AIMMS installation includes a library that uses this new function. It includes a right-mouse menu that can be assigned to a Pivot Table, after which the user can save, load, or delete states for that Pivot Table. You can include this library in your own project as well.

  • The functions PivotTableReloadState, PivotTableSaveState.