Function ConvertReferenceDate(ReferenceDate, FromTimezone, ToTimezone, IgnoreDST)


The function ConvertReferenceDate converts a reference date from one timezone to the other.

     ReferenceDate,          ! (input) a string expression
     FromTimezone,           ! (input) an element expression
     ToTimezone,             ! (input) an element expression
     IgnoreDST               ! (optional) a numerical expression (default 0)



A string that holds a reference date in FromTimezone.


An element of AllTimeZones with respect to which ReferenceDate is expressed.


An element of AllTimeZones with respect to which the resulting reference date must be expressed.


A numerical expression indicating whether daylight saving time must be ignored in the conversion.

Return Value

The result of ConvertReferenceDate is a reference date in ToTimezone corresponding to the reference date ReferenceDate in FromTimezone.

See also

AIMMS support for time zones is discussed in full detail in Support for Time Zones and Daylight Saving Time and Working in Multiple Time Zones of the Language Reference.