Procedure PrintStartReport(title[, filename])


With the procedure PrintStartReport you start printing a report that consists of the printing of multiple pages (using the procedure PrintPage). The advantage of printing in the form of a report is that all print request until PrintEndReport arrive at the printer as a single print job, and that the pages are numbered correctly.

        title,           ! (input) scalar string expression
        [filename]       ! (optional) scalar string expression



A string expression representing the title of the report. This title is used in the communication to the printer as the name of the print job.

filename (optional)

If this file name is specified, then AIMMS will print to the specific file and not directly to the printer. If this argument is omitted, then AIMMS will print according to the settings of the currently selected printer.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 on success. If the procedure fails, then the pre-defined parameter CurrentErrorMessage will contain a proper error message.


A successful call to PrintStartReport must be followed by a call to PrintEndReport, otherwise nothing is printed, and your printer may hang.

See also

The procedures PrintEndReport, PrintPage.