Procedure GMP::Row::Generate(GMP, row, autoAddColumn)


The procedure GMP::Row::Generate generates a row and adds it to the matrix of a generated mathematical program. The row is generated according to the definition of its associated symbolic constraint, or to the definition of its associated symbolic variable in case the row refers to the definition of a variable.

     GMP,            ! (input) a generated mathematical program
     row,            ! (input) a scalar reference
     [autoAddColumn] ! (optional) a binary scalar



An element in AllGeneratedMathematicalPrograms.


A scalar reference to a row.


A binary scalar indicating whether this procedure should automatically add columns that are not in the GMP. The default is 0 meaning that no columns are added.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 on success, or 0 otherwise.


  • Use GMP::Row::GenerateMulti if many rows corresponding to some constraint have to be generated, because that will be more efficient.

  • Before generating the row all existing matrix coefficients for this row are removed.

  • The row type and the right-hand-side value (and, if the row type is 'ranged', the left-hand-side value) are set according to the constraint definition.

  • This procedure cannot be used if the row contains the objective variable, and the row was added or generated before using a different coefficient for the objective variable.

  • If the value of autoAddColumn equals 0, then this procedure will generate an error if it encounters a column that is not in the GMP. You then have to add that column before calling this procedure by using the procedure GMP::Column::Add.

  • Setting the value of autoAddColumn to 1 should only be done if you know exactly which columns are automatically added by this procedure. Otherwise you might end up with a model in which some columns only appear in this row, possibly making this row redundant.

  • This procedure will never add columns that were deleted before with the procedure GMP::Column::Delete.


To generate the row corresponding to constraint c(i) for element '1', we can use:

GMP::Row::Generate( myGMP, c('1') );

If the row refers to the definition of a variable then we have to place ‘_definition’ behind the name of the variable. For example, if v(j) is a variable with a definition and we want to generate a row according to its definition for element '2' then we have to use:

GMP::Row::Generate( myGMP, v_definition('2') );