Procedure GMP::Solution::RetrieveFromSolverSession(solverSession, solution)


The procedure GMP::Solution::RetrieveFromSolverSession stores the solution from a solver session into the solution repository of a generated mathematical program.

     solverSession,  ! (input) a solver session
     solution        ! (input) a solution



An element in the set AllSolverSessions.


An integer scalar reference to a solution.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 on success, or 0 otherwise.


  • For a solver session belonging to a GMP with type MIP, this procedure retrieves the best integer solution found by so far (i.e., the incumbent), except when this procedure is called inside a branch, cut, heuristic or lazy constraint callback. In that case this procedure retrieves the LP solution of the current node (branch, cut, heuristic) or an integer feasible solution (lazy constraint).

  • The function GMP::SolverSession::GetNodeObjective can be used to get the objective value corresponding to the solution retrieved with this procedure inside a branch, candidate, cut, heuristic or lazy constraint callback.

  • By using the procedure GMP::SolverSession::RejectIncumbent the incumbent solution can be rejected inside a candidate callback.