Function GMP::SolverSession::WaitForSingleCompletion(Objects)


The routine GMP::SolverSession::WaitForSingleCompletion has a set of objects as its input. The set of objects may contain solver sessions that are asynchronous executing and events. This routine lets AIMMS waits until one of the solver sessions has completed its asynchronous execution or one of the events gets activated, and it returns the completed object.

     Objects           ! (input) a set of objects



A subset of AllSolverSessionCompletionObjects.

Return Value

An element in the set AllSolverSessionCompletionObjects.


  • This routine ignores solver sessions that are not asynchronous executing but using the procedure GMP::SolverSession::Execute.

  • This routine will return immediately if one of the objects is a solver session that has execution status ‘Finished’.