Function IdentifierMemory(Identifier, IncludePermutations)


With the function IdentifierMemory you can determine the total amount of memory occupied by the identifier.

     Identifier,         ! (input) scalar element parameter
     IncludePermutations ! (optional, default 1) scalar binary expression



An element expression in the set AllIdentifiers specifying the identifier for which the amount of occupied memory should be determined.


An 0-1 value indicating whether the amount of memory occupied by permutations of the identifier should also be included in the total memory determination.

Return Value

The function reports the sum of the memory occupied by the identifier, its suffixes and the associated hidden identifiers (that are introduced as temporary identifiers by the AIMMS compiler/execution engine. The unit of measurement for this function is bytes.


The return value of this function differs from the value reported in the ‘Memory Usage’ column of the Identifier Cardinalities dialog box because in the Identifier Cardinalities dialog box the value for hidden identifiers and suffixes are reported separately.