Function DaylightSavingStartDate(Year, Timezone)


The function DaylightSavingStartDate computes the start date of daylight saving time for a particular year in a particular time zone.

     Year,                    ! (input) an element expression
     Timezone                 ! (input) an element expression



An element of a yearly calendar for the end date of daylight saving time must be computed.


An element in the predefined set AllTimeZones.

Return Value

The result of DaylightSavingStartDate is the start date of daylight saving time, as a reference date, for the time zone Timezone in the year Year.


Given the declarations:

Calendar cal_years {
    Index: i_year;
    Unit: year;
    BeginDate: "2024";
    EndDate: "2024";
    TimeslotFormat: "%c%y";
ElementParameter ep_year {
    Range: cal_years;

Then the code:

ep_year := first( cal_years );
_sp_startDaylightSaving2024 := DaylightSavingStartDate( ep_year,
    'Central European Standard Time' );
display _sp_startDaylightSaving2024 ;

results in:

_sp_startDaylightSaving2024 := "2024-03-31 02" ;

See also

AIMMS support for time zones is discussed in full detail in Support for Time Zones and Daylight Saving Time and Working in Multiple Time Zones of the Language Reference.