Procedure GMP::SolverSession::Transfer(solverSession, GMP)


The procedure GMP::SolverSession::Transfer can be used to transfer a solver session from its current GMP to another similar GMP. Both GMPs should be created from the same symbolic math program.

Currently this procedure is only supported for stochastic Benders decomposition.
     solverSession,  ! (input) a solver session
     GMP             ! (input) a generated mathematical program



An element in the set AllSolverSessions.


An element in the set AllGeneratedMathematicalPrograms.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 on success, or 0 otherwise.


If each GMP has its own solver session then more memory is required which might not be available for large models or if many GMPs are used. To save memory this procedure can be used since it allows similar GMPs to share one solver session. After transfering a solver session to a GMP, only the differences between the old and new GMP will be passed as updates to the solver.