Function DistributionInverseCumulative(distribution, alpha)


The function DistributionInverseCumulative computes the inverse cumulative probability value of a given distribution.

           distribution,            ! (input) distribution
           alpha                    ! (input) numerical expression



An expression representing any distribution (such as Normal(0,1)).


A scalar numerical expression within the interval \([0,1]\).

Return Value

The function DistributionInverseCumulative(distribution,\(\alpha\)), for \(\alpha\in[0,1]\) computes the largest \(x\in(-\infty,\infty)\) such that the probability \(P(X\leq x)\leq\alpha\) where the stochastic variable \(X\) is distributed according to the given distribution.


For continuous distributions AIMMS can compute the derivatives of the cumulative and inverse cumulative distribution functions. As a consequence, you may use these functions in the constraints of a nonlinear model when the second argument is a variable.

See also

The function DistributionCumulative. The function DistributionInverseCumulative is discussed in full detail in Discrete Distributions of the Language Reference.