Procedure CaseFileSetCurrent(url)


The procedure CaseFileSetCurrent sets the predefined element parameter CurrentCase and, as a result, updates the corresponding field in the status bar of the IDE.

    url      ! (input) a scalar string expression



A string referencing the url of the case file that should be loaded. This url can point to a file on your local file system, or to a network location. If you specify the empty string, the element parameter CurrentCase will be emptied.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 on success. If any other error occurs, the procedure returns 0 and CurrentErrorMessage will contain a proper error message.


  • This function is only applicable if the project option Data_Management_style is set to Disk_files_and_folders.

  • If your application is linked to the AIMMS PRO server, the url can also point to a case file stored at the server.