Function Execute(executable[, commandline, workdir, wait, minimized])


With the Execute procedure you can start another application.

     executable,          ! (input) scalar string expression
     [commandline,]       ! (optional) scalar string expression
     [workdir,]           ! (optional) scalar string expression
     [wait,]              ! (optional) 0 or 1
     [minimized]          ! (optional) 0 or 1



A string representing the name of the program that you want to execute. When running on Linux and the program is located in the AIMMS project folder, this string must start with a ‘/.’ (without the single quotes).

commandline (optional)

A string representing the arguments that you want to pass to the program.

workdir (optional)

A string representing the directory where the program should start in. If omitted, then the current project directory is used. Please note that this argument does not specify the folder where the executable is located. Rather, it specifies the folder that the executable should use as its working folder.

wait (optional)

This argument indicates whether or not AIMMS will wait for the program to finish. The default value is 0 (not wait).

minimized (optional)

This argument indicates whether or not the program should run in a minimized state. The default is 0 (not minimized).


As a general rule, you should not wait for interactive windowed applications. Waiting for the termination of a program is necessary when the program does some form of external data processing which is required for the execution of your model.

See also

The procedure OpenDocument.