Procedure Spreadsheet::CloseWorkbook(Workbook, SaveBeforeClose)


The procedure Spreadsheet::CloseWorkbook closes the specified Excel or OpenOffice Calc workbook. Internally, AIMMS keeps the workbook open from the moment that a procedure is applied on it for the first time. This is good for performance. Nevertheless, the user can specify that he is finished with the workbook and that the workbook can be closed. If a workbook is not closed explicitly, and changes have been made to it, the user is asked whether or not to save it just before closing the AIMMS project.

        Workbook,         ! (input) scalar string expression
        SaveBeforeClose   ! (input) scalar binary expression



A scalar string expression representing the Excel or Calc workbook. If this argument ends in .ods, OpenOffice Calc is used. Otherwise, Excel is used.


If this argument is 1, the workbook is saved before it is closed.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 on success, or 0 otherwise. In case of an error the pre-defined AIMMS parameter CurrentErrorMessage contains a description of what went wrong.


  • Upto AIMMS 3.11 this function was known as ExcelCloseWorkbook, which has become deprecated as of AIMMS 3.12.