Procedure DialogGetPassword(message, password, title)


The procedure DialogGetPassword displays a small dialog box in which the user can enter a password string. In the dialog box the string is presented by a sequence of asterisks. The dialog box remains on the screen (and thus halts the execution) until the user presses either the OK or the Cancel button.

        message,        ! (input) string expression
        password,       ! (input/output) scalar string parameter
        [title]         ! (optional) string expression



A scalar string expression containing the text you want to display in front of the edit field.


A scalar string valued identifier containing the password. When creating the dialog box, its value is used to fill the edit field. After the user presses the OK button, the edited password string is returned through this argument.


A scalar string expression containing the text that you want to appear in the title of the dialog box.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 if the user has pressed the OK button, and 0 if he has pressed the Cancel button.

See also

The procedure DialogGetString.