Function errh::CreationTime(err, fmt)


The function errh::CreationTime returns the creation time of the error.

        err,  ! (input) an element
        fmt   ! (optional) a format string.



An element in the set errh::PendingErrors referencing an error.


A string that holds the date and time format used in the returned string. Valid format strings are described in Format of Time Slots and Periods When this argument is not given, or if fmt is not a valid string format, the full reference date format “\%c\%y-\%m-\%d \%H:\%M:\%S” will be used.

Return Value

Returns the creation time of the error as a string.


When err does not reference an element in errh::PendingErrors or when the current filter is the filter To Global Collector an additional error will be raised.

See also

The function CurrentToString.