Procedure SessionArgument(argno, argument)


With the procedure SessionArgument you can retrieve the string value of any user defined command line argument, that was specified during startup of AIMMS.

     argno,             ! (input) integer number
     argument           ! (output) string valued parameter



An integer greater or equal to 1, representing the argument that you want retrieve. If the argument does not exist, then the procedure returns 0.


A string valued parameter, to hold the string of the requested command line argument.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 on success, and 0 if the request argument number does not exist.


When you open an AIMMS project from the command line, AIMMS allows you to add an arbitrary number of additional arguments directly after the project name. The procedure SessionArgument gives you access to these arguments. You can use these arguments, for instance, to specify a varying data source name from which you want to read data into your model, or run your project in different modes.