Procedure SolverReleaseControl(None)


A single use local license allows you to run two concurrent AIMMS sessions. At any time, however, only one of these sessions can make use of a solver. Prior to executing a SOLVE statement, AIMMS will determine whether the solver is already locked by another session. If this is the case, AIMMS will abort the SOLVE statement with a runtime error. If the solver is not locked, AIMMS locks the solver for the duration of SOLVE statement by default. With the procedure SolverReleaseControl you can unlock a solver previously locked by a call to the procedure SolverGetControl.




Return Value

The procedure returns 1 if successful, or 0 if the solver was not currently locked by this session.


  • AIMMS also supports multi-session local licenses that allow you to run multiple concurrent solves, and twice that number of concurrent AIMMS sessions.

  • This procedure has no effect if you are connecting to an AIMMS network license server. In that case every session requires a separate floating network license.

See also

The procedure SolverGetControl.