Procedure GMP::ProgressWindow::FreezeLine(lineNo, totalFreeze, Category)


The procedure GMP::ProgressWindow::FreezeLine freezes (or locks) a line in the Progress Window.

     lineNo,           ! (input) a line number
     [totalFreeze],    ! (optional) a binary
     [Category]        ! (optional) a progress category



The number of the line that should be frozen.


If it equals 1 (the default) then the line will never change (untill the procedure GMP::ProgressWindow::UnfreezeLine is called). If it equals 0 then the line will only change if a GMP::ProgressWindow procedure is called for this line.


An element in the set AllProgressCategories.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 on success, or 0 otherwise.


  • If the Category argument is used then the element should be created with the function GMP::SolverSession::CreateProgressCategory.

  • If the Category argument is not specified then this procedure will freeze a line in the general AIMMS progress category for displaying solver progress, or in the solver progress category of the generated mathematical program in case function GMP::Instance::CreateProgressCategory was called.