Set AllCaseFileContentTypes


The predefined set AllCaseFileContentTypes contains the references to all case file content types that can be used within a particular AIMMS project.

Set AllCaseFileContentTypes {
    SubsetOf   :  AllSubsetsOfAllIdentifiers;
    Index      :  IndexCaseFileContentTypes;


An element in the set AllCaseFileContentTypes is a subset of AllIdentifiers. Such a subset defines the identifiers that are stored in a case file.


The contents of this set can be freely modified. By default, it only contains the element AllIdentifiers. If your project uses multiple types of case files with different content, you should replace the default content of this set with all content types applicable to your project.


  • This predeclared identifier is only relevant if the project option Data_Management_style is set to Disk_files_and_folders.

  • If this set contains more than one element, the dialog box for saving a case file will show an additional drop down box, in which the user can select the case content type to be used for saving.

See also

The set AllSubsetsOfAllIdentifiers.