Procedure CaseSelect(case[, title])


The procedure CaseSelect shows a dialog box in which the user can select an existing case.

        case,       ! (output) element parameter in AllCases
        [title]     ! (optional) string expression



An element parameter in AllCases. On return the case will refer to the selected case.

title (optional)

A string expression that is used as the title for the dialog box. If this argument is omitted, then a default title is used.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 if the user did select a case. If the user presses Cancel, then the procedure returns 0.


  • This function is only applicable if the project option Data_Management_style is set to Single_Data_Manager_file.

  • If the option Data_Management_style is set to disk_files_and_folders, please use the function CaseDialogSelectForLoad or CaseDialogSelectForSave instead.

See also

The procedure CaseSelectNew.