Procedure DialogGetElementByText(message, reference, element\_text)


The procedure DialogGetElementByText displays a dialog box in which the user can select an element from a set. However, other than DialogGetElement, this procedure does not show a list of element names but a list of strings, which are given as a separate argument to the procedure.

        message,        ! (input) string expression
        reference,      ! (input/output) scalar element parameter
        element_text    ! (input) 1-dimensional string parameter



A scalar string expression containing the text you want to display as title of the dialog box.


A scalar element parameter. When creating the dialog box, the range set of this parameter is used to fill the list with elements, and the current value of the element parameter will be initially selected. On return, this parameter will refer to the selected element.


A 1-dimensional string parameter, with a domain that matches the range set of the element parameter reference. Instead of the element names, the dialog box will display the corresponding strings of this parameter.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 if the user has pressed the OK button, and 0 if he has pressed the Cancel button.

See also

The procedures DialogGetElement, DialogGetElementByData.