Function ReferencedIdentifiers(searchIdentSet, searchAttrSet, recursive)


The function ReferencedIdentifiers determines which identifiers are used in the specified attributes of a subset of AllIdentifiers.

     searchIdentSet       ! (input) subset of AllIdentifiers
     searchAttrSet        ! (input) subset of AllAttributeNames
     recursive            ! (optional) numerical expression



The set of identifiers to search in for referenced identifiers. This is a subsetof AllIdentifiers.


The set of attributes to search in for referenced identifiers. This is a subset of AllAttributeNames.


Optional argument, default 0, if 1 this function will also search in the referenced identifiers for identifier references.

Return Value

This function returns a subset of AllIdentifiers containing all the identifiers that are referenced in the attributes in searchAttrSet in one of the identifiers in searchIdentSet.

See also

The function ConstraintVariables and VariableConstraints