Function FindReplaceNthString(SearchString, Key, Replacement, Nth, CaseSensitive, WordOnly)


The function FindReplaceNthString constructs a string by searching for the Nth occurrence of a substring (a key) within a search string and replacing this occurrence with another string. It returns the constructed string.

     SearchString,    ! (input) a scalar string expression
     Key,             ! (input) a scalar string expression
     Replacement,     ! (input) a scalar string expression
     Nth,             ! (input) an integer expession
     [CaseSensitive], ! (optional) binary
     [WordOnly]       ! (optional) binary



The string in which you want to find the substring key.


The substring to search for.


The string used to replace Key.


The function will search for the Nth occurrence of the substring. If this number is negative, then the function will search backwards starting from the right.


The search will be case sensitive when the value is 1. The default depends on the setting of the option Case_sensitive_string_comparison, and is 1 if this option is ‘On’ and 0 if this option is ‘Off’. The default of the option Case_sensitive_string_comparison is ‘On’.


It is a word only search when this option is set to 1. The default is 0.


As with all string comparisons within AIMMS, the function FindReplaceNthString is case sensitive by default. You can modify this behavior through the option Case_Sensitive_String_Comparison.

Return Value

The function returns the resulting string. If the Nth occurrence of Key is not found, the original string is returned.

See also

The functions FindNthString, StringOccurrences and FindReplaceStrings.