Procedure CaseFileURLtoElement(url, caseFileElement[, checkURLExists])


For each case file that has been accessed during an AIMMS session, a new element is created in the predefined set AllCases. The predefined string parameter CaseFileURL is updated accordingly. When working with a selection of case files, for example in a multiple case view, or in statements with the case dot notation, you should actually create a subset of AllCases. In that process, it may be useful to find the corresponding element in AllCases given the url of a case file.

    url,                          ! (input) a scalar string expression
    caseFileElement,              ! (output) element in AllCases
    [checkURLExists]              ! (optional) 0 or 1



A string referencing the url of a case file. This url can point to an existing file on your local file system, or to a network location. The given url does not need to be present in AllCases a priori.


On return, this element parameter is set to the element in AllCases that corresponds to the given url. In other words, the following condition will be true: CaseFileUrl(caseFileElement) = url.

checkURLExists (optional)

If this value is set to 1 then the procedure always returns 0 if the specified url cannot be found in the underlying file system. If set to 0 and the underlying file does not exist, the procedure returns 1 if the corresponding element already existed in AllCases. The default value is 0.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 on success. If any error occurs, the procedure returns 0 and CurrentErrorMessage will contain a proper error message.


  • This function is only applicable if the project option Data_Management_style is set to Disk_files_and_folders.

  • If your application is linked to the AIMMS PRO server, the url can also point to a case file stored at the server.

  • If url exists, but is not in CaseFileURL, an element will be added to AllCases.

  • If url does not exist, but there is a corresponding entry CaseFileURL, the procedure returns is 1 if checkURLExists is set to 0 and it returns 0 if checkURLExists is set to 1.

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