Procedure GMP::Solver::SetEnvironmentDoubleParameter(solver, parameter, value)


The procedure GMP::Solver::SetEnvironmentDoubleParameter can be used to set a double-valued parameter to be used for starting a solver environment. This procedure is typically used for solvers running on a remote server or a cloud system.
     solver,            ! (input) a solver
     parameter,         ! (input) a string expression
     value              ! (input) a numerical expression



An element in the set AllSolvers.


The name of the parameter.


The desired value of the parameter.

Return Value

The procedure returns 1 on success, or 0 otherwise.


  • This procedure is only supported by Gurobi, version 9.1 or higher. Typically it is only used in combination with a Gurobi link-only license.

  • This procedure cannot be called inside a solver callback procedure.


This procedure and the procedures GMP::Solver::SetEnvironmentIntegerParameter and GMP::Solver::SetEnvironmentStringParameter can be used to set Gurobi Configuration Parameters. Typically these procedures are used to set Gurobi Parameters for Cloud, Compute Server, Cluster Manager or Token Server. Note that normally these parameters are set in the Gurobi license file.


MIPSolver := 'Gurobi 10.0';

GMP::Solver::SetEnvironmentStringParameter( MIPSolver, "ComputeServer", "myserver1:61000" );
GMP::Solver::SetEnvironmentDoubleParameter( MIPSolver, "CSQueueTimeout", 60 );
GMP::Solver::SetEnvironmentDoubleParameter( MIPSolver, "MemLimit", 64 );

GMP::Solver::InitializeEnvironment( MIPSolver );

solve MP1;

GMP::Solver::FreeEnvironment( MIPSolver );