Set AimmsStringConstants


The predefined string parameter AimmsStringConstants contains the constituents that determine the running version of AIMMS. It is used to determine which installation of AIMMS is running.

StringParameter AimmsStringConstants {
    IndexDomain :  ( IndexAimmsStringConstantElements );

This string parameter contains the following elements:


AIMMS supports the platform "Windows", and the platform "Linux".


The architecture for 32 bit systems is known as "x86", and the architecture for 64 bit systems is known as "x64".


AIMMS comes only in a single flavor: "utf8". Up to AIMMS 3.13, AIMMS came in the single byte per character flavor, abbreviated to "asc", and it came in the two byte per character flavor, abbreviated to "uni". For the Linux platform only the asc flavor was available.


StringParameter myDllName {
    Definition : {
        AimmsStringConstants('Architecture') + "\\" +
        AimmsStringConstants('Flavor') + "\\" +

A possible outcome of myDllName is x86\asc\myDll.dll.

See also

The function EnvironmentGetString and the predeclared set AllAimmsStringConstantElements.